Reason to love Sweden #1

I love Sweden because…

Nature is everywhere, even when you live in Stockholm, the capital and biggest city in Sweden. According to Visit Stockholm, greenery is around every corner.

Nature in Stockholm, Sweden

Coming from Paris, I do feel a huge difference in terms of well-being and stress level. Seing this vivid nature from my window brings me pure joy, as well as those walks I can take in parks and forests without even getting out of the city center.

From the forests of Djurgården to the cherry trees of Kungsträdgården or the colourful flowers of the allotment gardens of Tantolunden, there is a green spot for everyone in Stockholm. Whether you’re just looking for a quick escape during lunch break or trying to feel away from the civilization for a day.


Djurgården, Stockholm

Vitabergsparken, StockholmKoloniområde of Tantolunden, StockholmKoloniområde of Tantolunden, Stockholm1. Just a regular house in Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm where you can take a fika in a greenhouse or under an apple tree.

2. Vitabergsparken, the beautiful park I admire from my desk.

3 and 4. The koloniområde (allotment gardens) of Tantolunden, near Hornstull (Södermalm).

Where do you go to recharge your batteries? What is your reason to love Sweden? Share in the comments below.


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